“All you do is f#$king complain!”

Old Lady from Legion saying, "complain, complain, complain"
Your fucking baby is gonna burn.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Legion, you probably know where the title of this post came from!  I’ll say that no one likes to hear someone complain, certainly not this old hag!  Regardless if you’ve seen the movie or not, do yourself a favor and check out the clip for a good laugh:

I can’t help cracking up every time I watch that clip. It’s timeless. From the way ROC launches that frying pan and it soars through the air, to the way the old woman pimp slaps Dennis Quaid after having scurried across the ceiling like a half breed between SpiderMan and a cockroach (she must have been wearing Nikes!), and all the while the expression on Tyrese’s face at the happening of it all. Hilarious!

So often I read/hear busty ladies complaining about it.  I mean the laundry list of complains that we’re all familiar with are as follows:

The Laundry List

  • I can’t ever find a bra that fits and if I do they are super expensive.
  • I hate the constant attention and random people staring at me.
  • I hate wearing scarves because they make me hot and even the thinnest ones make me feel bulkier up top.
  • Stretch marks.
  • I hate the fact that I look like a stripper when I wear tight clothing.
  • I hate the fact that I look fat in baggy clothes.
  • I always have to buy separate bikini bottoms/tops because I wear a small on the bottom and a large on top.
  • They always get in the way when I do anything, like carrying things, sleeping, exercising… shall I go on?
  • I’m tired of everyone saying, “I wish I had big boobs like you.”
  • Oh, and the best one, all the complaints related to back issues and the like.

Complain, complain, complain… you know the rest.

We all have issues with our breasts (large or small).  Just like most things in life, large breasts are neither all positive nor negative.  In my own life, I’ve learned to love my breasts (and entire body for that matter), and to take and accept the bad with the good.  I could spend any amount of time complaining about the things I feel uncomfortable doing because of my figure, or about the pains I may feel more often that I would care to, but I’d rather spend that time enjoying life.

Our culture portrays large breasts in a certain light.  I choose to ignore all of that crap, because honestly it never helps me feel good.  It’s taken time for me to become comfortable in my own skin and having spent many years not able to say that, I know that I prefer this vs the alternative.

Choosing Positivity over Negativity

Anytime I feel the need to complain… I think about how that time could be better spent!











Huge Boob Issues

Most importantly, I need to tell you that you may have “huge boob issues” however there is pretty much nothing or nothing amiss with you. Despite the fact that I could perceive how it feels like that on the off chance that you have family relates requesting you recoil your body (I mean, do they think I was made wrong or something? Man… ) and after that telling your bosoms gone imperceptible.

I lost a considerable measure of weight a long time back (like 45 pounds) and still have THESE bosoms that don’t fit into your typical sizes. In any case, I have comparative editorial from companions however a considerable measure gentler We think.

The fair reality is it’s not anybody’s issue to worry about however your own. Your body is the thing that it is. Depending how old you are, else you weight balances out you may lose some of that post-weight reduction thing. Mine look preferred now over they did a year back (and Now I am more than 40) so conceivable.

I don’t consider me to be having “huge boobs” any more tbh however I know unbiasedly regardless they are. On the off chance that they feel overwhelming, you’re making a bigger number of endeavors than simply placing them in a well-fitting games bra and they’re an issue….. you have enormous boob issues.: )

However simply realize that people can be very resentful about other individuals – even family relates – especially in the event that they have officially accomplished something all alone. Get in shape, have individuals told you have no ass or boobs. Land another position, have individuals advise you’re turning into a man or you’ll never discover a spouse or you aren’t “extraordinary” and not all that fun, or “stuck up”. Wed and “when are you having children” or “you could have done better”… or, on the other hand whatever. That improves them feel about being stuck in their own particular same place I think.

In any case, in some other case, just web embraces. It can improve. We are, as somebody says anyplace, frightfully and brilliantly made.

I was a sorta tubby child with enormous chest since I was really youthful. My family is greatly preservationist and constrained me to wear decrease bras (up to 3 mugs less!) on the grounds that it was “unnatural”. At my most elevated I was a 34G yet because of this + dressing unobtrusively I can’t state individuals at any point said them being especially huge.

I’ve shed pounds and am presently a 30F. Run of the mill post weight reduction level hotcake boobs.

What’s more, I dont know whether this is a direct result of the examination with past me, or in light of the fact that I’m little in general, or in light of the fact that they list so much, yet fundamentally starting late everybody’s on my rear end saying I got no tits. My family and some not-exactly companions both.

Regardless they feel overwhelming as fuck, despite everything I can’t discover bras, regardless I need to tie them down to work out… Yet, everybody says I have nonexistent boobs. I don’t have the foggiest idea. What might you peeps consider “enormous boobs”? Do they should be outwardly “noteworthy” to call them something?

Family or not, they shouldn’t be putting you down that way. You don’t have to do anything “for them”. In the event that you need to get surgery, do it for you. Do it since it’s something you need to do or on the grounds that it’ll improve you feel. Try not to do it only for every other person. No one issues in this circumstance however you. A large portion of us have gone through our lives managing other individuals’ suppositions on what we look like, and sooner or later, you simply quit caring the slightest bit. It requires investment to feel great with your body as it changes, and no one in your life ought to be influencing you to feel awful about those progressions, particularly your family. I know individuals who have cut their families from their lives for less. I’m not recommending that you accomplish something this radical, simply that if your family is influencing you this much, perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to have a genuine chat with them about limits.

It takes a great deal of experimentation, however the correct shape bra for you is out there! I, as well, have pendulous “level” bosoms, yet once I found the correct shape container, it had a gigantic effect! Search for glasses that have the triple base creases. That enables control to shape and hanging down beneath. Likewise, when you put your bra on, don’t be hesitant to stick your hands in the cups and shape your boobs yourself! Take hold of the bottoms and lift, revamp them in the glasses. I’ve likewise discovered that snatching skin from under my armpit and pulling it forward can help round out the best, giving a more adjusted look.

Same bras that used to have issues like yours injury up influencing my boobs to look better than average with a touch of exertion. It’s a colossal certainty support!