Reduction of Breasts that are Too Large to Handle

I want to have a breast reduction.

How do you sleep with those on your chest

breast size when considering a reduction
Breast Shapes

(pointing at my breasts). Yes, how do we sleep?
How do we handle the weight in our chests (not shoulder)?

The common complains of back and chest pains have been long over flogged. Words may not break your bones but they sure do hurt. Coupled with the undeniable discomfort and sometimes pains and the Herculean task of finding the right bra, clothes, body balance and so on, it is understandable why you would want to just “get it off and be done with it “.  The answer to most is often a breast reduction.

As much as we understand the desire to have breast reduction done, we have to understand quite a number of things.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reductions surgery, while the quickest and most common route is sometimes a long road to recovery.

Ultimately alternative routes are been suggested now to women who want to undergo breast reduction for either cosmetic or comfort reasons.

For some persons, losing weight has no effect whatsoever on their breasts, while we can’t put weight loss as an alternative route, some women have confessed to having reduced breast size whenever they lose weight. The association between weight loss and breast reduction is unique to each person.

While we understand fully the need for breast reduction, especially for comfort purpose, we also believe in the beauty of love for one’s body.
How do you love something that makes you uncomfortable, that is a source of constant pains, ridicule and sometimes objectifying?

We fall in love with them.

These babies are a delight. They are part of our body frames, pains weight, irons that stick out, wide straps and all.

We take time out to find the right bras because without them we are a lost cause.

We work out.

Exercise help forms the muscles around those babies. Rather than a dangling, swaying bosom,

We have firm, solid, in-your-face bosoms.

I have come to love the end of the day when I let these babies out, I have come to enjoy the sense of having them around ( they won’t be going anywhere though) and they really do make my clothes look good.

It is tough to find a reason to not have a breast reduction once your mind is made up,but part of being a strong, secure woman is coming to terms with all that you are and every part of your body, living and appreciating your body (finding reasons to appreciate it more each day), finding every possible way to slay that body regardless of the rude finger pointing, annoying body objectifying, outright creepy breast staying and especially unsolicited advice from family and friends.

Here is to being big chested, no reduction in mind, totally loving it and strutting it.