GG Musings: New Colors in the Long-Sleeved Urkye Wrap Top!

Urkye was the first fuller busted clothing company that I started wearing. And I love their shirts! I own four of their wrap shirts, two with long sleeves and two with short sleeves. This week on Instagram, Urkye showcased three new colors of their long-sleeved wrap top: cherry red, bottle green and plum violet

Most likely, I will not be purchasing a new wrap top because how many wrap tops can I actually wear and own? Below are the two long-sleeve wrap tops that I currently own.

I tend to wear the black top more often (one of my short-sleeved wrap tops is also black). I wear a lot of black clothes, so this is not a huge surprise.

The blue wrap has gotten less wear – but I do still wear it.

When I first started shopping at Urkye the largest size in stretch shirts was 44 00/000. As you can see the 44 00/000 is tight on my back. There is a now a new larger size 46 00/000 and if any of these beautiful new colors come out in dress form I might try the larger size.

Have any of you had success with Urkye tops and dresses?

GG Musings: Bust Friendly Dress Roundup from Target

Without even knowing the fall trends that Darlene would pick out, my roundup of fall Target dresses hits on several: plaid, western and ‘80s style. I used to buy a ton of clothes at Target and thought it would be fun to do a roundup of bust friendly dresses currently available there. The majority of the dresses are shirt dresses with a belted waist, but additionally there is a dress with smocking at the waist and a wrap dress. I didn’t keep any of these dresses (but ended up re-ordering one after writing this post!). Hopefully some of you will be inspired to go out and buy an affordable bust friendly dress from Target this fall.

The smocked waist dress comes in two different floral prints and black. This dress was fun to try on and the puffed sleeves are definitely on trend with the ‘80s. I have broad shoulders and the puff sleeves felt a bit much to me although it looks lovely. There were some loose threads around the waist smocking so not sure how long this dress will actually last.

This floral shirt dress also comes in black, green and burgundy. I almost kept this dress and thought about ordering it in other colors! I had a shirt dress from Target made from the same crepe fabric that I wore for three years until the fabric on the sleeves was shiny. This is a great dress for work. The dress does have a waistline that the belt ties over so if you have a large difference between your bust and waist this might not be a great option for you.

Plaid is a trend for fall – but not with this dress. You can tell by the look on my face that I am not into this plaid shirt dress. The fact that it came ripped and with makeup smeared on it didn’t really make me like it better. What can I say? The brownish/tan plaid is ugly, the dress has no shape and the fabric felt cheap. My apologies if any of you love this dress or own it! This one definitely got returned.

The next dress is one of two denim shirt dresses that I tried on. This one fit well and would be a great addition to a fall wardrobe. It doesn’t have a set waist so the belt can be tied anywhere. The dress is cut straight up and down so ladies who are curvy on bottom might have trouble with this one.

I returned this wrap dress and then after studying the pictures decided to re-order it. My initial reasons for returning were that I think it is a little low cut for work. But maybe if I sew a hook and eye on the neckline or a snap it will be more work friendly. Definitely planning to wear this dress this fall even if just on the weekends. It has dolman sleeves which do add extra room at the bust.

The last dress I tried on was another denim shirt dress. This one gaped a bit at the bust but not horribly. In the past I have sewn button down dresses closed to make them fit when they gaped.

All of the dresses I am wearing are size XXL. My measurements the day I took these photos were 48.5-41-46.5 and I’m 5’7.

Do any of you have shopping success at Target?

Finding Fall Trends in Full Bust Fashion

As I created a list of 14 fall fashion trends for the Campbell & Kate blog, I discovered enough examples from the full bust fashion companies to create an entire post for Hourglassy!


Bravissimo Denim Detail Shirt


Miriam Baker Chessie dress. The same fabric is also available in the Clara dress, Kendall tunic and Julia pullover.
Bravissimo Paige dress
Bolero. Also available in dresses.

Animal Print

Saint Bustier Alexa leopard print sleeveless top. Also available in the sleeved Reba dress.
Saint Bustier palazzo leopard jumpsuit

Monochromatic Red

Miriam Baker Dani dress (Clara and Michele dresses also available in red)

80’s Style

Shoulder Pads

Saint Bustier Vivien Westwood jacket.

Suit Dress

Saint Bustier Dianne dress (one size left)

Color block

Saint Bustier Ella coat.

Ruffles (and polka dots were a [non-80’s] trend on some lists we reviewed)

Bravissimo Phoebe fitted blouse.

70’s Shades of Brown

Bravissimo Kimono midi-dress


Saint Bustier silver sequinned jacket (only size S left)


Urkye Kopotowy dress. Urkye has MANY hot pink options in tops and other dress styles.

This final dress is a great example of another trend–ruching details–that you can find in a LOT of dresses on the Bravissimo, Miriam Baker, Saint Bustier and Urkye websites.

Have fun shopping, and tell us when you discover other fall trends coming from full bust companies!

(None of the links in today’s post are affiliate links.)

GG Musings: Bravissimo Wedding Guest Dress Try-On

Last weekend, I attended a garden brunch wedding in Philadelphia. It was the perfect occasion to buy a new dress from my favorite online shopping destination Bravissimo. I tried on four dresses and one jumpsuit, and even better the red dresses were all on sale.

In the past I have worn stretch jersey dresses to weddings. Below are pictures of me in the past five years dressed to attend weddings. The red dress is from The Limited (which went out of business a couple of years ago but seems to have been reincarnated as an online store) and a purple dress from Lauren by Ralph Lauren (their wrap dress seems to be re-released every year in different colors and prints).

The Celine Dress in red was definitely not a good look on me – it was way too tight on the stomach. It also comes in black.

I liked the Panelled Ottoman Dress which sadly is now only available in navy and black. I felt good in it and it was one of my final contenders.

The Jessica Dress was ok but I wasn’t really excited about the color and the fabric was on the thin side.

I loved the Jessica Jumpsuit. This outfit made me feel like Liza Minnelli in the film Cabaret. And for a few days this was the clear winner. The jumpsuit has no zippers or buttons and you step into it like a bathing suit and pull it up. I finally concluded that this jumpsuit was not really my style and most likely I would only wear it four or five times in the next year before growing tired of it.

I chose the Phoenix Dress because it’s a dress style that coming from a non-bust-friendly store would never fit properly on me. It’s made of woven fabric and has a princess seam bodice with pleats at the waist. I received many compliments on this dress and I look forward to wearing it many more times.

Are any of you attending a special event soon?

Sugar Candy Crush is My Go-To Lounge Bra . . . and soon to be more!

Except for the new J-hook option, the technical details of the Sugar Candy Crush are identical to what I described in my post about the original Sugar Candy last year and  Leah wrote in her review.

Even so, I haven’t touched my original black Sugar Candy bra since the company sent me a Crush to review last month (all opinions are my own). It just feels so much less functional to wear a denim bralette with yellow piping and velvet straps.

Don’t get me wrong. This remains an ultra-functional lounge bra, especially with the humid summer we’ve had. Whenever I get out of the shower, this is the bra that makes life bearable until I’m dry enough to put on outside clothes. And if I’m staying home all day to work, it makes me feel like I’ve made a little effort. The velvet straps help with that!

I didn’t expect to like this new iteration of the Sugar Candy bra so much, and I only stopped by the company’s booth at Curve because they’d taken the time to email us about it beforehand. I’m glad I did because more good things are coming from the company.

Recently I’ve tried chemises from two new brands that want to give big-busted women pretty yet supportive sleepwear. Unfortunately, neither have quite accomplished the goal. Yet Sugar Candy has accomplished what I’m looking for in their bra. “Has the company ever considered attaching it to a nightgown?” I asked.

Not quite a nightgown, but close! They’re coming out with a tank top that I believe goes on sale in November.

I probably wouldn’t wear it to yoga class at my YMCA, but I’d certainly wear it to my home office. And if they’d lengthen the tank top to a chemise and make it in a pretty color–like this lace version in navy and blush–I’d wear it to bed.

The lace version will also be available in black, and both are coming out in November.

Finally, you can check out Holly Jackson’s review of the Crush on Lingerie Briefs.

(If you decide to try Sugar Candy for yourself and want Hourglassy to get an affiliate commission, here is the Amazon link to the denim Crush.)

A Bit of a Break

It’s been great having Jennifer Lynn on board with Hourglassy–so great that I haven’t been getting my own posts up, and I hope you haven’t been too confused.

Leah has also been busy behind the scenes with an exciting career transition. She tells me that she has a lot to write about, but it may be November before she can post anything. So stay tuned!

If you’ve been reading Hourglassy for a long time, you know that we go through periods like this once or twice a year. I’m also always trying to balance the time I spend on my business and this blog. Recently I re-read the book The One Thing, and I’ve been trying to implement it. Whenever I ask myself what the one thing is I should be doing right now (“What is the One thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?“), it always seems to be something related to Campbell & Kate!

However, while I’ve been doing that One thing, I’ve been wearing my new Sugar Candy Crush bra, and I’m going to write about that next.

Wondering what the Adirondack chairs in this picture have to do with anything? My husband has been going through a super stressful time at work lately, constantly being called in the middle of the night and having to work weekends. On top of this, his mom remains in a nursing home in Florida, and he tries to visit her whenever he can. He’s been pulled in a lot of directions, so I’ve finally pulled him away for a mid-week break on Block Island. This was our beautiful rainy view from the hotel porch this afternoon.

GG Musings: Thoughts on My Summer Bust-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe

If any of you follow my Instagram feed for GGMusings you might notice that I wear the same dresses over and over and over. In my life I am a minimalist, in fact when I made a cross country move last year everything I owned aside from a couple of boxes of childhood stuff in my parents’ basement fit in a Volkswagen Jetta that also had room for me, my mom and a 35-pound poodle.

My wardrobe is also minimal. I follow a theory called the ten item wardrobe by author and YouTuber Jennifer L. Scott. I’ve never met Jennifer but I have been watching her and reading her books for 4 ½ years now. Despite my many attempts at capsule wardrobes over the past four years – my summer 2018 capsule wardrobe was my first true success. Most of it is going into storage for next summer and getting dressed every day for work was easy and thought free. Well, I had one day in August where I couldn’t find anything to wear even though almost all of my wardrobe was clean but considering this used to happen twice a week I’ve come a long way.

The idea behind the ten item wardrobe is that your core items are made up of only ten items. The core items are your daily clothes: your dresses, pants, jeans and blouses. I get this doesn’t sound like a lot but there are also extras in this wardrobe plan. Extras are t-shirts, sweaters (or as I like to call them layering), jackets/blazers, outerwear, special occasion wear and athletic wear (meant to be worn for actual exercise and not as daily clothing). Jennifer L. Scott only does two ten item wardrobes per year, however she lives in Southern California which has less dramatic temperature swings. As I am living in a city with four distinct seasons – I will have four capsule wardrobes this year.

I work in a business casual office and most of what I wear to work I can also wear on the weekend. If you have a more formal office most likely you would need a ten item formal workwear capsule and then a smaller separate weekend capsule. Below is the list of the main clothing I wore from late May to early September. I’ve noted where I purchased the garment, what the garment’s future is and if I had already used it in a previous capsule.

My Ten Items…

Blue Ruffle Bottom Dress (Bravissimo) (Saving for Summer 2019) (US size 14SC)

Black Ruffle Bottom Dress (Bravissimo) (Saving for Summer 2019) (US size 14SC)

Zip Front Dress (Bravissimo) (Moving to Fall Capsule) (US size 14SC)

Blue/White Stripe Dress (WHBM) (Moving to Fall Capsule) (size XL)

Navy Long Shirt Dress (Monoprix) (Saving for Summer 2019) (French size 48)

Tommy Hilfiger Blue/Pink Stripe Shirt Dress (Fail – Selling on eBay) (size 16W)

Black Button Front Jeans (H&M) (Spring 2018 Capsule – Moving to Fall Capsule) (size 36)

Black Pencil Skirt (T Tahari) (Fall 2018 Capsule) (size 16)

Chambray Shirt (Bravissimo) (Spring 2018 Capsule – Moving to Fall Capsule) (US size 14SC)

Navy Silk Blend Shell (Boden) (from Fall 2018 Capsule) (Fail – Didn’t Wear At All!!) (US size 16)


Short Sleeve Red/White Polka Dot Wrap Top (Urkye) (Summer 2017) (size 44oo/ooo)

Short Sleeve Black Wrap Top (Urkye) (Saving for Summer 2019) (size 44oo/ooo)

2 Princess Seam Tanks (red – Summer 2017) (black – Summer 2018) (Saving for Summer 2019) (size 44oo/ooo)

4 Loose T-Shirts (Forever 21+ and Etam) (Moving to Fall Capsule) (size 1X and XL)

Long Jean Shorts (Forever21+)  (not really if sure if this can be considered an extra – but I didn’t wear them much) (Saving for Summer 2019) (size 14)


Black French Cardigan (Monoprix) (Moving to Fall Capsule) (French size 4)

White Cropped Cardigan (Bravissimo) (Saving for Summer 2019) (US size 14R/SC)

This was my second capsule that contained clothing from Bravissimo: three dresses, one chambray shirt and a cropped white cardigan. I loved all of these items of clothing. I purchased the same dress in blue and black. I loved this dress, but the side zip made it hard for me to alter the dress to make the hips smaller. I know how to sew but I don’t know how take out and resew in an invisible zipper. The front zip dress was super easy for me to take in the side hip seams. Yes, I could pay a skilled seamstress to alter these dresses – but that makes the overall price of the dress quite high. Maybe I’ll take my next Bravissimo dress in to be professionally altered.

This wardrobe has only two items that didn’t work out so great. The Tommy Hilfiger Blue/Pink Stripe Shirt Dress and the Navy Silk Blend Shell from Boden. I got compliments every time I wore the Tommy dress – but it just wasn’t me and I’m planning to sell it. Way too preppy and the sizing was way off. I never actually wore the navy shell this summer but I’m going to hold onto it because it still fits and it is a classic style that I might feel differently about next summer. Or not maybe I will get rid of it next summer?

Changing out your wardrobe every season does not mean buying all new clothes! I switched jobs and cities this year and my summer wardrobe had many new items to reflect this change. I am now working in an office that is more dressed up than my last business casual office and living in a city where people dress nicer as well. For those of you wondering I moved from Los Angeles to New York City.

My measurements in these pictures are 48-40-46 and I’m 5’7.

Stay tuned for the reveal of my fall ten item wardrobe. Do any of you have a capsule wardrobe?

GG Musings: White House Black Market Fall Dresses Try-On

I’ve had success with two knit sheath dresses from White House Black Market (WHBM) in the past. Both were purchased off the sales rack in stores for around $50. For my fall capsule wardrobe, my goal was to find one more additional dress. I ordered six knit dresses from WHBM and found two great ones to keep. One dress for work and one summer dress on sale that will work year-round for going out.

These first pics are my past dresses from WHBM that inspired this wardrobe haul. The multi-colored stripe one is me in early 2015 and the navy dress is me from this summer. These dresses are definitely bust friendly without being made specifically for a larger chest. The dresses are tighter on my upper back than a dress from Bravissimo or Urkye and do have a bit of extra fabric in the small of my back maybe from the front of the dress being stretched out? The hem on these dresses does not rise up in the front like so many other dresses do with a larger chest. Overall, knit dresses from this store work for me and hopefully for some of you as well.

I love this cold shoulder dress (sadly it’s already sold out). I got it on sale for $36 and it also comes in a black and white striped version. I wore this on a casual Friday to work and plan on wearing it when I go out on the weekends year-round. I know it will look great with black opaque tights and boots. Definitely a keeper even though I didn’t really need it. It’s made of a thicker knit fabric.

This sheath is reversible from black with a flower print to plain black. Not keeping this – as the armholes are not an attractive look on me. Other than the armholes I like this dress. It’s made of a jersey knit. It’s thick due to the double layer of fabrics so this dress would be great for winter with a blazer.

Next, I tried this black and white flowered dress. It’s not really my style aside from the colors but I thought it looked beautiful on the website. It’s too small and the facing around the neckline is visible. This is not a bust friendly dress. It is made of the jersey knit fabric.

I like this black dress with the cream stripes at the bottom. It fits well and I feel good wearing it. I decided not to keep it as it just didn’t give me a wow factor when I tried it on. But if I was in a situation where I needed work clothes this dress would be a keeper. It’s made of the thicker knit fabric.

This dress looks much cuter on than I thought it would. I accidentally put it on the wrong way which is how I figured out it can be worn with the back of the dress as the front. I’m doubting the designers at WHBM had this in mind, but on a larger chest this reverse takes this dress from the office to cocktail hour. I didn’t plan on keeping this dress at all based on trying it on in my room but after seeing the photos of myself I did contemplate keeping it. I’m very selective about what comes into my wardrobe and lead a minimalist lifestyle and this guided me in not keeping this dress. It’s a beautiful dress and the chain detail with the scoop back is a fun detail in a work dress but I really only needed one new work dress and the last dress I tried on was the winner.

This dress is insanely simple. A black knit sheath dress with short sleeves, a keyhole back and a ruffle along the bottom of the dress. It was the ruffle that sold me on it. And the fact that it reminds me of a Michael Kors dress that I bought this summer at Macy’s and forced myself to return because it was too expensive. The Michael Kors dress was a $135 and this one cost me $63. I also like that the sleeves are longer and the fabric is less clingy. When it gets colder I’m planning to wear an ivory blouse under this dress but it would also look great with a classic white button down under it. I am keeping this dress because I feel good in it and I like the fit. It is made of the thicker knit fabric.

A hint on shopping at WHBM like most mall stores they often have sales where everything is 25% – so no need to pay full price. I like the dresses made of the thicker knit fabric. I checked the tag and the fabric blend is 93% Rayon and 7% Spandex. The jersey knit dresses are a polyester/spandex blend and clingier. Please note that all the dresses I am wearing are a size XL. WHBM also sells petites and plus size clothing. My measurements in these photos are 48.5-40-45 and I am 5’7.

Have any of you had success at White House Black Market?

GG Musings: Trying on 2 Bravissimo Shirts

In a quest to find a new special occasion dress to wear to a friend’s wedding – I made a big order from Bravissimo. Since I was already paying shipping charges I decided to throw in two shirts to try on. The box arrived quickly and the contents were wrapped beautifully in tissue paper.

I first tried on a black knit shirt in size US 14 RSC that was on sale with shirring in the stomach area and a decorative gold zipper. The knit fabric is on the thinner side making this definitely not a winter top. This is a long shirt and might be approaching tunic length on petite ladies. I like this shirt, it fits well and the style goes with the general aesthetic of my wardrobe. Ultimately, I chose to send this shirt back because I just don’t need another black shirt. I have a lot of black clothes, I mean a lot a lot.

Next, I tried on a pink cami top in size US 14 SC (this also comes in cream, blue, green, black and orange-red). This top wasn’t for me! It’s cut on the bias and pulls on over the head. The bias cut means it is not as close fitting as most clothing from Bravissimo. This would work great under a blazer or suit jacket or with jeans or leggings if you like a looser fitting garment. The straps are wide enough to cover bra straps. I am actively working to add color to my wardrobe and as beautiful as this pink top is – odds are good I wouldn’t wear it much.


The tops may have gone back – but it was a tough decision on what to keep to wear to my friend’s wedding. Look for the outfit I chose in a future blog post!

For reference my measurements are 48-40-46 and I’m 5’7.

Have any of you found a great bust-friendly top lately?