Full Bust Find: Stargazing Splendor Blazer from ModCloth

Here’s a side benefit from selling my shirts at pop ups: I get to see what other full-busted women are wearing. This woman measures 32″ at the waist and 41″ at the bust, and her jacket actually buttons! Usually when I ask someone where they got something, they bought it years ago, but she’d just ordered her Stargazing Splendor blazer from Modcloth two weeks earlier.    The next day, I ordered my own–or actually two because I’ve never tried anything from ModCloth before. According to their size chart, I should wear the XL, but I added the L to be safe. It’s a good thing because the XL felt too generous, and the L felt just right. (I give the actual waist and bust measurements of each size at the bottom of this post.)

I loved it buttoned on my customer, but I prefer it open on me.

I also prefer my profile with it open . . .

vs. buttoned.

Finally, here’s the cute flouncy back. You can also see the pointy shoulders that some reviewers complain about, but they don’t bother me and I think they can help balance a big bust. Actually, I think they only look pointy when I move my arms a certain way.

This jacket has princess seams in front and in back, another win for busty women. I’m also surprised at the versatility of the colors–I thought I’d only be able to match it with black! And for anyone needing a black blazer, it also comes in “abyss”.

I measured the outside of the garments because the lining (which is stretchy and soft vs. acetate-y and sweat-trapping) made it difficult to line up with the seams. Across the peplum waist, the L measured 36″ and the XL measured 39.75″. One inch below the armholes and to  the crease of the lapels, the L bust measured 41″ and the XL bust measured 45″.

GG Musings – Holiday Look 8 – Bravissimo’s Lottie Midi Dress

The final look in my eight-part holiday look series is Bravissimo’s Lottie Midi Dress in a beautiful cranberry stretch velvet. I love this dress!

This dress is great for work holiday parties or a party with your friends. It could also be worn for a nicer dinner in the fall and winter months. The wrap style is attractive and adjustable. The only thing I don’t like about this dress are the kimono sleeves – they kind of look like bat wings to me. And the hips were a tiny bit big.

The dress length falls to mid-calf. Below is a mirror selfie so that you can see the length of the dress.

Ultimately, I didn’t end up keeping this dress. I probably tried it on five times and if it shows up on eBay for cheaper I will buy it immediately.

My measurements are 48-39-44 and I’m 5’7. I am wearing size 14 in RSC (18 RSC in UK sizing).

GG Musings – Holiday Look 7 – Bravissimo’s Evie Dress

This is the second casual look in my 8-part Bravissimo holiday series and the second to last post about holiday looks. The Evie dress is a muted pine green in a soft jersey fabric. The dress is simple with beautiful gathers and buttons at the cuff.

The dress is comfortable and I like that there is not much fullness in the hips. I would wear this as a winter work dress but it would also be good for office or family holiday parties. I didn’t keep this dress but if I needed a new winter dress I would have.

My measurements are 48-39-44 and I’m 5’7. I am wearing size 14 in RSC (18 RSC in UK sizing).

Would you wear this dress as a holiday look or every day?

GG Musings – Holiday Look 6 – Sparkle Cardigan with Urkye Sheath Dress

For holiday look 6, I combined Bravissimo’s black and silver notch neck cropped cardigan with an Urkye dress that I already own (check out Darlene’s review of the same dress here).

I refer to this cardigan as the sparkle cardigan. I found that it fit a bit looser and longer than the other cardigans that I own in this style. I would recommend sizing down if you like a tighter fit or are the edge of Bravissimo sizing. I am wearing the sparkle cardigan in size 14 RSC (18 RSC in UK sizing).

My Urkye sheath dress is in size 44 oo/ooo. This dress looks best with Spanx underneath it for me. It’s made of stretch jersey and is comfortable. This dress is still available in some sizes and also the colors pink, red and royal blue. If this dress is sold out in your size there is a sleeveless sheath dress that should fit similar.

I thought this cardigan would be the winner in this order but honestly it made me feel like I was on an episode of The Golden Girls so back it went. My measurements in this photo are 48-39-44 and I’m 5’7.

GG Musings – Holiday Look 5 – Bravissimo’s Clara Knit Dress

This is one of two casual holiday looks. This burgundy sweater dress from Bravissimo would be great for someone who normally doesn’t wear dresses. It could be a dressier look with hose and heels or dressed down with tights and heels.

The dress is form fitting past the hips and then flares out. I found this dress to be comfortable and flattering. The color is beautiful.

I’ve never had a sweater dress from Bravissimo so I don’t know if this dress will stretch out. My knit cardigan from Bravissimo has not stretched out. Has anyone owned a sweater dress from Bravissimo?

GG Musings – Holiday Look 4 – New Cardigan to Wear with My Red Dress

In my holiday dress order I also ordered the Crop Notch Neck Cardigan in black. I tried this on with the Red Phoenix dress I already own from my Wedding Guest Dress Try-On post. And I love this look!

There is limited sizing left in red and all sizes available in black – both are on sale for $69 at Bravissimo.

The dress has a princess seamed bodice and two box pleats on the front and back of the dress. My office holiday party is right after work and this cardigan will make this red dress appropriate to wear all day. My measurements in these pictures are 48-39-44 and I’m 5’7.

GG Musings – Holiday Look 3 – Bravissimo’s Jessie Skater Dress

Holiday look number three from Bravissimo is the Jessie Skater Dress in black.

The dress is constructed with princess seams and has a black lace yoke and sleeves. It’s a stretch jersey dress so super comfortable. However, the stretch lace does seem like it has the potential to snag.

This dress is fun and flirty and definitely a great little black dress for the holiday season.

I am wearing size 14 RSC (18 in UK Sizing). I’m 5’7 and my measurements are 48-39-44.

Are of any you searching for a new little black dress?

GG Musings – Holiday Look 2 – Bravissimo’s Jennifer Velvet Dress

I have been eyeing the Bravissimo Jennifer Velvet Dress in black for a while so when this smoky blue color came out I decided to give it a try. I love the blue shade of the dress and others seem to as well since it is already sold out in some sizes.

I like the length of the dress as so many Bravissimo dresses are so short. However, I had a couple of fit problems with this dress. On the top of the dress the fabric seems to be pulling around my armpits and you can see the seaming and fabric pattern on my bra. This issue doesn’t make this dress an automatic no – but issue number two does.

Issue number two is the hips. I have complained before about the hips in Bravissimo dresses not being a great fit on me, however this dress I believe was cut out wrong. When laid flat the hips are not even. This resulted in some strange puckers on my hips.

The model in the Bravissimo catalog also looks like she has some issues with the hips of the dress fitting.

I want to say this dress would be great for an office holiday party due to the ¾ length sleeves, scoop neckline and longer length but there is something about the fabric that makes me look super busty. Maybe it would be less busty in black? I’m wearing the 14 RSC (18 RSC in UK sizing). I’m 5’7 and my measurements are 48-39-44. This dress definitely got sent back.

GG Musings: Holiday Look 1 – eBay Bravissimo Lace Tank Top

This is part 1 of an 8-part series of Holiday looks from Bravissimo. I don’t know about you but I already have three parties booked for December and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

Look 1 is a new Bravissimo tank top purchased from eBay. This tank is only $29.57 (including shipping from the UK!) and available in all sizes and four colors: black, white, navy and red. I opted to buy the black. I sized down in this tank to a 16 RC/SC (12 in USA sizing) for a sexier fit.

This tank definitely requires bra straps that match the color of the tank or a strapless bra. It would look great for the holiday season in red too!

I’m wearing a T Tahari brand black pencil skirt with the tank in size 16. T Tahari and Elie Tahari are great brands if you need a skirt that is cut slimmer in the hips. I’m 5’7 and my measurements in this outfit are 48-39-44.

Circled above are some of the dresses I’ll be sharing with you over the next week!

GG Musings: Sister Trip to The Rack Shack!

My sister was in town last weekend and because she lives in an area without lingerie shops she wanted to go and be fitted for a bra. She originally found a place in Manhattan, and I countered with let’s go to this really hip place in the Bushwick part of Brooklyn instead. I first went to The Rack Shack with Darlene and it’s the only place I have ever gone bra shopping where I felt great afterwards.

What makes this shop special? For me it’s the warmth of the owner Laura (follow her on Instagram if you want to see some beautiful bras!). I’ve never equated bra shopping with fun. Laura turns an experience that has always been uncomfortable and left me feeling bad about myself into a good one. She doesn’t use a tape measure but instead asks what size you are currently wearing and can tell by looking at you what size to start trying on.

The Rack Shack stocks fun bras (and prettier basics) in sizes 28A to 42HH. Laura adjusts the straps and demonstrates how to scoop your boobs into the right position in the bra (don’t worry she asks first). The shop welcomes everyone and is LGBTQ friendly.

My sister found two bras and I purchased this pink and black Curvy Kate bra.

Leah has also written about The Rack Shack if you are curious to read about her experience.

My sister is wearing my Urkye top in size 44 oo/ooo. She looked so good in it – I gave it to her!

Do you have a favorite local lingerie shop that makes you feel great?