A Feat Unseen Just Like My Feet

Unseen FEAT is where women come to be immersed in a positive environment in relation to all things related to the untypical women.  With a larger than average chest, I often find myself tired of all the negativity that seems to revolve around everything outside of the acceptable social norm as is related to women’s bodies.  It’s been said that an hourglass figure is “ideal”, yet the reality seems to indicate that popular media and society are only concerned with that very narrow region of the hourglass exactly in the middle… neither higher, nor lower.  Speaking from the viewpoint of a woman that relates more to the top of the glass and see’s it more than just half full, I want to see more like built women embrace their own genetic gift from the parents it was handed down from.  Thanks mom and dad.

Admittedly, I’ve been described by some as a negative person.  However, my attempt with UnseenFEAT is to prove that sentiment wrong.  I want to be inclusive and encouraging to everyone, even those who this site is not directly applicable to.  I have strong idea’s and opinions and my attempt is always to share them in a positive way… even if that means via combining multiple negatives!  lol.

The problem I see now days is one that affects more than large breasted women but the females as a whole.  With the advent of the Internet and social media, the proliferation of fake bodies (literally photoshop) on every screen that is peered into, it’s no wonder that there has been built up this unreal idealization of what a woman’s body is supposed to look like.  I honestly can’t believe in a picture unless I personally have had a hand in generating it from start to finish.  With Snapchat filters being as popular as they are and so commonplace, it’s as if pictures have been made into words that are no longer true, 1000 lies to deceive the viewer.  “Little white lies” as they may be typified by some as, yet I was always taught that a lie is a lie no matter the size.  It’s these little white lies that have fed the twisted ideals about a woman’s body and that have led so many to resort to unnecessary and very invasive medical procedures.  A non-exaustive list would be: breast augmentation, butt lift, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, botox, gastric bypass, laser hair removal… and the list goes on, and on, and on…  For a more extensive list check out https://www.realself.com, you may be surprised at exactly how many different ways our modern society has devised to change how we look in a futile attempt to reach this false ideal, a true feat in and of itself.

So why “unseenfeat”?  Well, I thought it was a clever play on words as I often wonder what my own feet look like whilst standing upright.  N

Unseen Foot (feat) prints in sand
Unseen Feet

o seriously, I can’t see them.  Not unless I skillfully manipulate my chest out of my line of sight to the floor.  So literally seeing my own feet is a feat.  But even more so the feat came from trying to find solutions to (I won’t call it a problem) what often feels like a puzzle, having large breasts and the litany of associated tasks that are required of all woman, namely finding clothes that fit well (including the all important bra)!  So often that singular task seems like a huge feat.  And for those who aren’t burdened with that specifically, it seems almost obvious to me that it would go unseen to others, much as anyone else’s problems do.  No one walks in our shoes.  That’s a quote I sincerely believe to be true.

My name is Yodit, and I’ve been a native of the SF Bay Area for most of my adult life.  My parents immigrated from Eritrea and I whole-heartedly embrace my African roots.   Some may consider me a rare breed in more ways that one.  The obvious one and primary theme of Unseenfeat, having very large breasts while having relatively small body measurements otherwise.  But also in being a women in technology and in loving STEAM and pursuing a career in Engineering (Computer Science specifically).  I hope I can connect with some of my other “sisters” out there and share some smiles, laughs, and who knows… maybe some tears?!  Thanks for reading.